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Analytics for all social accounts.

Social Box offers a single platform, have multiple accounts with social media and manage all your social media and monitor the strategies used in various platforms.

Best for business

It's very easy to manage your business social accounts. In fact your product pages etc

Easy to use

SocialBox is easy to learn & easy to use. Do all your needs with simple perspective

Graphical analytics

Compare your social media goals with various charts

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Superb Features

Multiple social manangement

Add your facebook account and also your business twitter accounts. Now it's very easy to manage all social accounts in one platform

Post creation

Make your post with awesome templates and emojis, Publish in all by just clicking once

Perfect comparison tool

Compare your sociability among own social account with perfect graphs set.


Responses from our clients

  • “Thanks to Social Box I am easily able to post basic social media posts to multiple platforms. I use this to post, simultaneously, to my company's Facebook and two Google+ pages. That said, it does handle basic sharing including links and hashtags. I recommend this to anyone running an online business and has to travel back and fourth between different sites. The amount of time Social Box saves me is worth a lot more than what I pay for..”

    — Alexandra Warren

  • “I just want to write a quick note to commend Social Box on its excellent customer service. I have had two problems today which seemed mammoth to me. Within minutes Ralph, cleared up my questions and gave me the information I needed to get one of my accounts up and running. I have a plan that helps me get the most out of social media marketing and I will recommend Social Box to all my friends because of the helpful, fast, and polite assistance I received today. Thank you Ralph and!.”

    — Alice Reid

  • “Great tool to manage all of your social media activity in one place (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) Features include post scheduling, mention monitoring, and more. Definitely leverage this tool if you're currently logging into your various social media sites separately to post / share..”

    — Dixie Owen

  • “I can't promote my writing while I'm at my day job. If I did, I would probably lose a lot of time at work. But I also can't just flood everyone with information while I'm not at work (and I need to rest sometimes). So I use Social Box to post info to different accounts and it takes me minutes to get it done. I just copy paste when I'm reposting something several times, which I do frequently. It's helped me find time to relax..”

    — Isabel Cross

  • “I love how well Social Box works with my team! I'm not huge into social media, but must use it to manage client's social media efforts. I've found that social media can drive traffic/interest/sales for some of my clients, so it's imperative I play in the space. Social Box makes it easy! I've got a multi-user account so I can give logins to several of my contractors and they log in and do all the work. I can assign certain tweets/posts that I see to my contractors and they can respond. There's also a great batch upload feature I've used several times to schedule messages. Very slick!.”

    — Marco Becker

Who we are?

We are a team of individuals from around the world with a common cause to make a difference in the way we do business. The Social Box started two years ago with issues from my business clients had during my business consultant’s work. The issue with how to manage social media. How the business can monitor advertising results. These were some of the issues, we were struggling to solve without the high price tag. The project always got push back due to revenue work. We decided 6 months ago to make this project come alive and put our efforts getting Social Box in the market.

Our aim is to partner with many countries, who can benefit with our software and offer a new dimension to their business. If you are looking a business opportunity in the digital industry, we like to hear from you.

Social Box family

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